Burgoyne Lodge, No. 902, acts as the Club’s lodge. Membership is open to all members of the Club, and continues after ceasing to be a member of the Club. The lodge meets three times a year, and will often have a talk on an interesting subject, or perform a ceremony on behalf of another lodge.


R. W. Bro. Sir Michael Snyder, MetGM R. W. Bro. R. J. Race, DL, PMetGM
V. W. Bro. Richard Knox-Johnston, JP, PGSwdB V. W. Bro. I. Currans, PGSwdB, AMetGM
W. Bro. Dr Peter S Kershaw, PJGD W. Bro. G. Machado, PSGD, MetGInsp
W. Bro. Martin Humphrys, JP, PAGDC, MetGMentor


W. Bro. J. Stuart Kay, PJGD W. Bro. B. D’Arcy, RVM, SLGR
W. Bro. D. Langford, SLGR W. Bro. T. Newton, LGR
W. Bro. S. Harrington, LGR W. Bro. R. Linkins, LGR
W. Bro. C. Wren, LGR W. Bro. F. Machin
Bro. A. Ramsey Bro. I. Cottle

Burgoyne Lodge No. 902 – Officers 2018-19

Worshipful Master W. Bro. A. Ridal, ProvDepGSec (W Lancs)
Senior Warden W. Bro. L. G. Clement, GStwd
Junior Warden W. Bro. O. Coddington
Immediate Past Master W. Bro. M. Merrick-Thirlway, LGR, MetGStwd
Chaplain W. Bro. R. Selwyn
Treasurer W. Bro. J. Patel
Secretary W. Bro. D. Knight, LGR
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. S. Smith, ProvAGDC (Middx)
Almoner W. Bro. C. Hegarty, PProvSGD (E Lancs)
Charity Steward W. Bro. L. Hobbs
Mentor W. Bro. D. Sylvester
Senior Deacon W. Bro. A. Muirhead
Junior Deacon W. Bro. L. Grosso
Assistant Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. C. Bishenden, LGR
Organist W. Bro. L. G. Clement, GStwd
Assistant Secretary W. Bro. A. Petrou
Inner Guard W. Bro. M. Bin-Sufya, PProvGStwd (S Wales)
Stewards Bro. B. Sinclair, Bro. S. Walsh
Tyler W. Bro. M. Cawston, PAGDC
Royal Arch Representative W. Bro. K. Alexander, AGDC, MetDepGDC