902 PM JewelHistory of the Lodge and Association with the Connaught Club

Although steeped in history, Burgoyne Lodge No. 902 was close to returning its warrant in early 2009. Graciously, the existing Lodge members agreed to work with the Connaught Club to rejuvenate the Lodge as an avenue for Club members to expand their Masonic activity.

All Club members are invited to become joining members of Burgoyne Lodge which celebrated its 150th anniversary in February 2012. Upon joining, members keen to increase their Masonic experience are encouraged to volunteer to undertake an office within the Lodge for a year.


Purposes of the Lodge

  • To increase the Masonic education and broaden the Masonic experience of its members, members of the Connaught Club and of the Craft in general.
  • To provide a means of regular congregation for all past and present members of the Connaught Club.
  • To encourage and support young Freemasons in their Masonic journey; promoting involvement in their Lodges and in the Craft generally.


Meetings and Visiting

Burgoyne Lodge meets at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street four times per year; on the fourth Saturdays in February, June and October (Installation).

The Installation of the new Worshipful Master takes place annually in October. Other meetings are used as an avenue for the Club’s Masonic events; hosting demonstrations, talks and other discussions of particular interest to young Freemasons.

All Freemasons from UGLE and constitutions recognised thereby are most welcome to attend meetings of Burgoyne Lodge. Details of the meetings and how to attend can be found on the Club calendar.