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The Freemasons’ Grand Charity

A grant-making charity providing financial assistance to Freemasons and their families who are experiencing financial hardship. Grants are also made in support of the important work of national charities of all sizes, in medical research; support for vulnerable people; youth opportunities; hospice services; air ambulance services and disaster relief worldwide.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF)

The Masonic Samaritan Fund is a charity funded by Freemasons and their families. It provides grants to eligible beneficiaries who have an identified health or care need and, faced with a long wait for treatment, care or support, are unable to afford their own private care. Details of the eligibility criteria, the application process and how to support our work are available on their website.

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI)

The RMBI has been has been caring for older Freemasons and their dependants for over 160 years. It operates 17 care homes across England and Wales, offering a range of high quality care. Many of its homes are registered for both residential and nursing care, and a number offer specialist dementia care.

The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB)

The main work of the Trust is to assist Masonic families who have experienced a change in their circumstances that has led to financial hardship. This could, for example, be following the ill health or death of a parent. The main way the Trust helps is by providing ongoing financial support to relieve poverty and advance education.

The Masonic Fishing Charity

The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with Special Needs”. It achieves this by running fishing events, both coarse and fly, at various fisheries and inviting participants from special needs schools and centres and people who have suffered trauma to come and join in.


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Masonic Research

Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 – The Premier Lodge of Masonic Research


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