Following on from the success of the last ‘instalment’, we bring you another edition of Meet the Member with one of the Connaught Club’s latest joiners, Michael Parsey!

1.     What is your lodge and where do you meet?

My mother lodge is Old Kings Arms No.28, meeting at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street.

2.     Tell us the story of how you became involved in Freemasonry and why?

My initial interest to join Freemasonry grew from family members being in the Craft. I was inquisitive for a number of years which culminate in being initiated as a Lewis last year.

I joined Freemasonry to meet new people from walks of life that I would not normally cross, partake in a hobby where everybody starts equal and have a laugh with likeminded brothers.

3.     What is your favourite Masonic memory?

My favourite Masonic memory to date has to be my initiation. While I had little idea of what was going on around me at any given point in the evening, I felt welcomed, respected and honoured to have joined Freemasonry.

Since my initiation I have started piecing together what actually happened throughout the evening. I am looking forward to watching an initiation very soon as this will clear up the remaining questions in my head.

4.     What do you most look forward to getting out of the Connaught Club?

The intention and interest to join the Connaught Club sprouted from a desire to become part of the fresh blood of Masonry and the driving force for decades to come. I would also like to meet young Masons and discuss the paths they took in their early Masonic careers.

I would like to immerse myself in the events put on by the club and form strong friendships amongst the members.

Lastly, I would like to fully understand the working of the club so that I can recommend it to a number of young London Masons in my friendship groups.

5.     When you’re not dressed in your regalia, what other interests do you have?

My developing profession and interest lies in Information Security and all branches of technology. I am a keen skier and I like to keep fit in the gym. I love anything that involved an adrenaline rush, and I would love to give Ice Hockey a stab after having watched it played in Pyeongchang.