MetGM Q&A at Burgoyne – Saturday 13 June 2015The Connaught Club and Kent Club are proud to jointly present An Interview with the Metropolitan Grand Master.

To be hosted at Burgoyne Lodge No. 902 on Saturday 13th June, starting at 5:00pm at Freemasons’ Hall.

R. W. Bro. Russell Race will answer questions from members of both the Connaught and Kent Clubs, put to him by W. Bro. Martin Humphrys PGPurs. Members who submit the best six questions will be invited to put them to the MetGM personally, and a formal festive board will follow the lodge meeting.

What would you like to ask the Metropolitan Grand Master? Book your place at the event and submit your questions on anything from ritual to regalia, Masonic degrees to university degrees, and working tools to working life.

The Festive Board will be held at the Kingsway Hall Hotel at a cost of £35 per head for a three course meal including half a bottle of wine for Connaught Club and subscribing Kent Club members, or £42 for non-Club members (£7 for non-Club members, if you’d just like to attend the meeting only and not dine) .

For any questions regarding the event please contact the lodge secretary Kyle Alexander at

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