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Welcome to the Connaught Club

The Connaught Club has been founded to give young Freemasons in London a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar ages, who might otherwise be dispersed over London’s many Lodges and large geographic area.

Membership of the Club is open to any Freemason under 35 years of age, whose Lodge/Chapter is under Metropolitan Grand Lodge or who lives/works within London.

Latest News

AGM 2019 – Proposed Constitutional Amendments

As required by the constitution of the Connaught Club, I am writing to you with a written list of proposed amendments to the constitution, ahead of our Annual General Meeting on Friday 22nd March. 

To view the full list of proposed amendments, please Click Here

Please note, after this document was published, an additional amendment was proposed by Chairman Elect, Anthony Muirhead, and agreed upon my myself and Orestes Adamou. 

This is as follows:

A paragraph has been added covering the circumstance of a committee member withdrawing themselves from an elected role post-nomination, and pre-election. As well as resignation from the post during the year.

The following is to be added in at 6.c.xix:

Resignation of elected officers of the committee

6.c.xix Should an elected officer of the committee find himself unable to proceed with his nomination – but prior to election at the Club’s AGM – the committee will convene at its earliest opportunity to nominate a suitable replacement who fulfils the criteria set out above. This new candidate will be elected as detailed above.

6.c.xx If this resignation occurs after formal notice of the AGM has been distributed, the new nominated candidate’s details will be distributed as an addendum to the issued notice If time does not permit this to happen, members shall be notified by the presiding Chairman at the AGM of the circumstances, and a separate agenda item will be used to elect this new candidate. An email will be sent at the earliest opportunity after the AGM explaining the occurrence to the membership as a whole.

6.c.xxi If it is not possible to find an alternative member to replace the originally-nominated member, an Honorary Officer may be appointed by the Chairman until such a time as a suitable candidate can be found, nominated and elected (as described above). It may be necessary to convene an emergency meeting of the Club to effect the election of this officer, and he will act as an Honorary Officer until duly elected in accordance with these constitutions.

6.c.xxii Should an elected officer resign after he has been elected at the AGM, the Chairman will seek to appoint a suitable replacement as soon as possible. This new officer will act as an Honorary Officer until duly elected (at the subsequent AGM or an emergency meeting so convened).

If you haven’t yet booked your place at the AGM, but would still like to attend, please Click Here

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Laurence Hobbs
Connaught Club Chairman

Connaught Club vs Kent Club Darts – Match Report

W. Bro. Laurence Hobbs

Held at Flightclub in Bloomsbury (Tottenham Court Road area), the Connaught Club’s challenge to the Kent Club to a Darts evening proved to be very enjoyable.

Commencing at 7 pm the night began with an hour and a half to chat and enjoy a couple of beers and nibbles. The purpose of the event was to build a bridge between our two clubs so those in the twilight years of their membership have somewhere to join once they’re no longer eligible to be the Connaught Club members. The Oche wasn’t booked until 8.30pm so this gave us plenty of time to get to know the Kent Club contingent! (For those not in the know, the Oche is the throwing line and according to Google, the word is believed to be derived from the Old Flemish meaning a ‘notch’ or ‘nick’.

After a rusty start, it would be fair to say the Connaught Club team held their own against the Kent Club’s worthy opposition, some of whom arrived sporting their own darts. Mind games I’m sure. Whilst I’ve always struggled to get my head around the concept of having to pay to play a game that’s free in nearly every pub in the country, time and money at Flightclub is well spent. The dartboard does all the counting, controls who’s turn it is and then indicates what to aim for. It really speeds up the games which does make quite a difference, otherwise, buffoons like myself can slow everything up. Additionally, their table service was very quick and efficient.  The “call a waitress button” was put to good use – I’m sure we nearly wore it out.

I would love to report that we smashed them, but the reality is, it was a draw. Despite having Bro. Ben “The Power” Sinclair on our side that’s all we could muster. So all to play for next year it would seem.

Time to get some practice in, although thinking about it, I’ll be playing for the Kent Club by then!

Connaught Club AGM 2019

This year’s AGM is to be held at Freemasons’ Hall on Friday 22nd March at 7:00 pm, and there are some important constitutional amendments the committee is putting to the membership at this meeting. Read more about them, here.

Afterwards, join us at The Nag’s Head in Covent Garden for a meal with the new Chairman!

Dining is subsidised by the Club making the cost to you just £15, including a main course and dessert. 



The Menu

Cheeseburger – served in a pretzel bun with pickle, red onion, gem lettuce, tomato and burger sauce – with triple cooked ships and house slaw;


Hunters Chicken – chicken breast topped with smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, triple cooked chips and house slaw;


Grilled Vegetables and Feta Pie (V) – new potatoes, spiced tomato and herb sauce

~   ~   ~

Hot Belgium Waffle (V) – caramel sauce and ice cream;


Bubble Chocolate Mousse – with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

Want to join us? 

Please complete the form below to book in now!

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Connaught Club vs Kent Club Darts

We’re taking on the Kent Club at the old pub favourite, Darts!

Join us at the Flight Club in Bloomsbury on Thursday 7th February

£5 Entry, pay on the door and kicking off at 7PM!



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Join us in Reus Spain!

Fancy a little winter Sun? Come on a jolly to Spain with the Connaught Club!

Friday 8th March –  Sunday 10th March

This year, for the Connaught Club’s annual overseas jolly, we’re going to Reus, Spain to visit Joan Prim Lodge No1. to see them perform an initiation on Friday evening and then enjoy their festive board afterwards.

Saturday lunchtime, we’ve been invited to enjoy the Lodge’s hospitality at their Calcotada Festival. A three-course extravaganza (with wine), leaving the evening to ourselves in downtown Reus.

Accommodation will be at the very comfortable Hotel Reus Park.

Flights can go directly to Reus, but the most practical flight times are to Barcelona and will require an inconvenient train ride.

£120 plus flights (circa £130 with easyJet)

If you have any questions contact



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Ask The Club

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a long time: Ask the Club!

We want you to ask us anything you like about Freemasonry, and we will our best to answer it! 

CLICK HERE to submit your question, or click on the blue link on the right!




Worshipful Mastermind 2019

We’ve started, so we’ll finish…

Worshipful Mastermind is back for another year, and we want you to bring along as many friends and family as you can muster!

Join us for our annual New Year’s quiz which gives you the chance to show off your general knowledge.

Bring Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Plus, as with past years, we’re bringing back our Really Rubbish Raffle of unwanted Christmas Presents, so bring along that pair of socks you can’t abide or one of the many Lynx Gift Sets all in the name of Charity!

Friday 4th January
Freemasons Arms, Holborn


Worshipful Mastermind 2018 – Annual Quiz

Friday 5th January 2018

7:00pm – Freemason’s Arms, Holborn

The Club welcomes in the new year with a relaxing evening of teasing questions, laughs and games.

Teams of up to six people allowed, and friends and guests are more than welcome.

Members – £5
Guests – £8

Price includes a free hot dinner!

And don’t throw away those crappy Christmas gifts from grandmother – oh no – bring along unwanted presents for our spectacular “Unwanted Presents Raffle”! All monies will be donated to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

10th Annual Christmas Dinner – This Friday!

Christmas Dinner Menu

Wow – well this has come around rather quickly.

We are so very excited to be welcoming around 90 members to Boodle’s Club this Friday to celebrate the Connaught Club’s 10th annual Christmas Dinner. We will kick off the evening with drinks at 7 to 7.30pm, and finish it off with the obligatory carolling and quizzes. We may even have a glass of champers and a few surprises along the way!

For those attending, please do not forget to wear your most garish bow tie as we will be drawing the Mitchell Merrick-Thirlway Memorial Prize as per usual.

Last year’s winner – a bow tie featuring a real lego batman!

Report: KT Seminar

On Tuesday 21 November the Club gathered in the opulent surroundings of the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall to listen to a talk by Right Eminent Knight Dr Viv Thomas. When looking for an authority on the history, origins or practices of the Masonic Knights Templar one needs to look no further than Dr Viv who is widely renown for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Well, Dr Viv did not disappoint. We were taken back to the story of the Crusaders and traced the story of the Templars in Europe. We learnt about the many templar orders and Christian degrees that were practised by various Masonic groups throughout Europe in the 18th century and before, and speculated on how Ireland came to form the first Great Priory of the United and Religious Orders of the Temple.

Dr Viv spoke enthusiastically and authoritatively on a topic that is rich with history, myth and speculation – as like most things in Freemasonry. The Club was extremely privileged to host Dr Viv, and thank him for such an enlightening talk.

As well as Dr Viv, we also hosted the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, Paul   Raymond Clement. The Grand Master spoke a little on the founding of Great Priory (the   Grand Lodge of the Order) and how it is administrated today before answering our questions with charm and knowledge.

Following the presentation, we mingled over wine and nibbles in order to continue the discussions amongst ourselves. I noted that, whilst the numbers were not as buoyant on this cold November night as we had expected, we were fortunate to have a few “newbies”   amongst our ranks. I hope they enjoyed their first experiences of the Club, and came away enlightened happy, content and not too groggy the next morning.