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Welcome to the Connaught Club

The Connaught Club has been founded to give young Freemasons in London a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar ages, who might otherwise be dispersed over London’s many Lodges and large geographic area.

Membership of the Club is open to any Freemason under 35 years of age, whose Lodge/Chapter is under Metropolitan Grand Lodge or who lives/works within London.

Latest News

Veterans Aid Charity Walk 2018

17th – 19th August 2018

This year, Connaught Club Chairman, Laurence Hobbs has decreed that to help raise money for our 2018 Veterans Aid Appeal, we’re going to organise a Charity Walk.

Join us for three days of hiking, camping and enjoying the Great British countryside, as we mardle 40 miles from the outskirts of the city to Central London, culminating in the annual Summer Picnic and Sports Day!

Of course, we’ll have many more details to follow but until then if you’re interested, please complete the form attached and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest on the walk!


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Burgoyne Lodge No. 902 – June Meeting

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 13.36.07

Burgoyne No. 902, our Club Lodge, is back, and this June meeting is not to be missed!

Join us on the 16th June for an extraordinary meeting, in which V.W. Bro. James H Newman OBE, Deputy President and Chairman of the Masonic Charitable Foundation, presents a lecture entitled “MCF, a force for good in Freemasonry and wider Society”.

Afterwards, the Connaught Club will have the honour to present a cheque for all the funds raised in the Bros for Jo’s Appeal to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

This is a White Table event so absolutely everyone is welcome – friend and family, the more the merrier!

Want to book in? Email Lodge Secretary using the link below!


Open Reception 2018

THURSDAY 14th JUNE  |  7:00pm

Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street


Not a Mason but interested in the Craft?

Or, are you a Freemason, under 35 years old and one of the younger members of your Lodge?

Or, are you a Mason with friends and family who keep asking questions about what you get up to of an evening in Holborn?

Then sign up now for the Annual Connaught Club Open Reception!

The Club would love to invite you ALL (Masons and non-Masons alike) to this year’s Connaught Club Open Reception! The Connaught Club exists for young Freemasons to help them get the most out of their Freemasonry. We recognise that many young masons may find they are the youngest member for their lodge by 10, 20 or even 30 years and so we provide a hub to meet other, like-minded masons who are closer to your own age. The Club hosts numerous events throughout the year: monthly socials, lectures, seminars, and visits to other lodges across the country to name but a few.

On Thursday 14th June at 7:00pm, we’ll be hosting our annual Open Reception in the Grand Temple of Freemasons’ Hall. Our invitation is open to all: Members, Freemasons, partners and friends who are interested in the craft. They are all welcome. The purpose of the event is to introduce you to other young Freemasons from across London, to the Connaught Club and to Freemasonry in general.

After welcoming speeches from our guest speakers you are all invited to mingle where good food and even better wine will be provided!


Jeeves and Wooster hit the AGM

By Bro. Bertie Wooster

Now if there is anything in a Wooster its Sporting Blood, I can assure you. So when my good Chum William Connaught invited me to the Connaught Club AGM and placed a wager on the length of the meeting I was in for a pound instantly!

As with any flutter, I passed it by my man Jeeves for the old nod of approval and got the go ahead with his estimate of 21 Minutes, which I, of course, took as my own.

On Arrival I was quite taken aback by the dashing Blue and Grey Club Ties so many of the young birds were sporting. Having only been in the club for a short time I had yet to be presented with mine, but thought what Spirit it shows with so many wearing the Club colours!

With my pound at risk I took great interest in noting the time of kick off . . . 5.32PM.

First item on the agenda was to approve last year’s minutes. The gentleman looking after proceedings was a well turned out chap by the name of Clement. Turns out he’s Welsh but let’s not hold that against him what! He pottered through a couple of the below points:

Amendments to the Constitution which were read out by the outgoing Chairman Lewis Clement and with no issues passed rather quickly. Good to see things ticking along. What were the changes? In short, there will be trustees to look after the wealth of the Club of which is doing rather well

Reports which nobody much listened on.

Accounts, more of the above!

Electing Club Auditors. An honour for those selected I thought. All proposed and passed swiftly.

Re-election of some older chaps who have been Patrons in the past and have done such a stand up job they have been put into the role for another year! One of whom managed to attend . . .

Up next was the election of a new chairman, a speech from the new Bird and a farewell from the old. Lewis I hear has done a stand up job and received a rather elegant looking whisky decanter for his troubles. He has said he would publish his goodbye on the “web-site” (looked rather long), and quickly hurried proceedings along.

The new bird, Laurence, seemed rather pleased for his new position. And I felt it rather splendid to be there for such an occasion.

Taking to the chair in his new position Laurence informed the room of his gratitude in being elected to the position of Club Chairman. He also shared some of the upcoming events he has planned for the year, all to support a rather splendid charity, Veteran’s Aid.

Now when I said we Woosters have sporting blood I was not in the slightest referring to any kind of thick necked, rolling in the mud affair. But, if that is your game the forthcoming club rugby match will be for you. Some coves in a Kent club, I hear, should be quite concerned!

And on a usual trip away for 3 days I would of course need my man Jeeves along with at least a trunk of jacket, shirt and tie options. This, I expect, would not do on the 3 day charity walk with the club but to meet you at the finish for some delicious foods and refreshments is certainly something I shall attend. More details to follow.

Before I knew it the whole thing was wrapped up and gavels struck at exactly 18.53pm, the bet was won! I must, once again, pay a marked tribute to good old Jeeves. A modern saint that man!

On to the pub in Covent Garden we went where, if I remember correctly, my old chum from prep school, Bingo, once fell in love with one of their bar ladies, but that’s for another time …

A solid group of dandies had turned out for the meeting and all were attending the dinner too! So with little encouragement the evening got off to a splendid start with drinks flowing and good eating.

Later in the evening I had further opportunity to win another wager with a game called heads and tails. Never one to turn down a good opportunity I got in on the action but this time fell short at the final fence. Failures will occur when placing wagers without the man Jeeves!

I came to win a pound from my old chum William and did just that. But I must say, the deuce of the thing is that I am very much looking forward to heading out again to mix in with this Connaught Club lot at the their next monthly drinks. I do hope to see you there what!!

AGM 2018 – Outgoing Chairman’s Address

For those of you who were present at this year’s AGM, you will have heard our outgoing Chairman, W.Bro. Lewis Geo. Clement mention that he would spare us his speech and instead, publish his address to the membership on the website. Albeit a week or two late, please find below Lewis’ speech and a downloadable PDF of the AGM Booklet for those who weren’t present.



It is customary at this meeting for the outgoing Chairman to say a few words prior to his departure. I shall not break with this tradition; however I am mindful that the sooner I wrap up, the sooner we may enjoy each other’s company at dinner (and maybe even have a pint). Thus, I shall not detain you long.

For those of you who were at last year’s Annual General Meeting you may recall that we voted on to the Committee a number of fresh-faced and eager individuals. Well twelve months on I am happy to report that these ‘newbies’ have not jaded but have grown in to their roles on the Committee and have gradually taken over the management of the Club over the course of the year. I have said on numerous occasions that Bros. Kyle and Mitch left real voids when they moved on as they did so much for the Club. Over the course of my Chairmanship I have been eager to encourage some new talent to get involved with the Committee in order that the Club may continue to evolve, and to ensure our smooth governance for many years to come. With the likes of Jack, Josh and Mungo we have extremely capable and enthusiastic Masons who, all being under the age of 25, have over ten years of involvement to look forward to with the Club. With the likes of Neil, Tes and Muirhead we have experienced Masons and wise counsel. I believe that there has been somewhat of a necessary changing of the guard over the last two years during my tenure, and I believe that Laurence is inheriting a happy Club, with a particularly bright future.

I think we would all agree that 2017 has been the most extraordinary year in Freemasonry. We have all been extremely privileged to have witnessed the celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall and throughout the Constitution. I feel very proud to have represented the Club at many of the tercentenary events across London and even on the tele! I am particularly privileged to have hosted our own tercentenary celebrations – the 300 Ball at the H.A.C. That evening was a roaring success as around 180 of us danced the night away to the big band, drank cocktails, and raised awareness and funds for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

I really am extremely grateful to the whole Committee who have continued to help put on a variety events whilst continuing to streamline the internal structures of the Club. You have heard this evening that we continue to be over 300 members strong. With this success comes a lot of responsibility and one would be amazed of the amount of administration and man-hours that are dedicated to processing applications, managing event sign-ups and communicating with the membership. I thank each Committee member for their dedication and hard work in helping the Club to run as efficiently as it does.

Finally – I really must thank you, the membership of the Club, for supporting my proposed charity appeal, for continuing to attend and engage with the Club, and for supporting me personally. I have made some of my best friends through the Connaught Club, and with you I have enjoyed some amazing Masonic and life experiences. I am really fortunate to look forward to another five years of membership of the Club, and to a whole lifetime of Masonic friendship with you all. I do look forward to seeing Laurence and his team continuing to develop the Club and I shall continue to participate as and when I’m needed!

*Mic drop* 

Yours in the friendship of the Club,

W. Bro. Lewis Geo. Clement 

Club Chairman

Download the AGM Booklet Here

Met Grand Chapter: Royal Arch Awareness Evening

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.27.47

Why not start a new chapter in your Masonic
career by becoming a Royal Arch Mason?

Metropolitan Grand Chapter will be opening the doors of a Chapter Room to all Craft Masons desirous of finding out what the Royal Arch is about.

The Chapter Room will be set up as it would be for a regular Meeting with all of the Officers in regalia and in their seats. There will be an informative and interesting talk by E.Comp. Ian Currans PGSwdB Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent about the Degree, including an explanation of the role of the different Officers, following this there will be a question and answer session.

We hope all of the Lodges & Chapters that meet at Mark Masons Hall will join in the event by bringing their own prospective Royal Arch candidates along.

Whilst not obligatory there will be a dinner following the event which will round the evening off.
(numbers will have to be limited so early booking is advised)

Booking forms including details of the dinner for this unique event can be found at the front desk or obtained from
Ex.Comp David Ashbolt PGStB


Burgoyne February Meeting Review

by WBro. Laurence Hobbs

Boring, uneventful, dreary.

These are three words that have absolutely nothing to do with last Saturday’s meeting at Great Queen Street. Given the choice, three appropriate words would be:

Slick, joyful and fun.

Yes, that’s correct, all three of these words are most definitely applicable. The meeting was truly a lesson in the results you get when doing your homework. It was clearly evident that the brethren had been putting in the hours into the ritual books and it really did pay off. It was a slick third degree and brother Sean Benissa was very fortunate to be on the receiving end of this raising. Looking around the room, one saw a wide range of eccentric pairs of socks but not one set of yawning jowls.

Besides the reflective mood of the third degree, there was also cause for celebration. It was announced by the Worshipful Master, that two former members of the Connaught Club are moving up in the world. Frixos Melas is to become Metropolitan Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and Mitchell Merrick-Thirlway is to be appointed to the office of Metropolitan Grand Steward. Hence my choice of the word joyful.

On to the fun part. It’s all well and good to have an efficient and happy meeting but an evening can be quite lop-sided if the festive board doesn’t rise to the same high standards. On this occasion, and I believe this is quite a trend, it proved to be the yang to the meeting’s ying. We dined at the Kenilworth Hotel, at it was worth every penny.

Not only did we eat well, (the duck was pretty tasty) the raffle prizes exceeded expectations. Yours truly walked off with a Dip Dab (not had one of them in years!), but alas, one poor soul won a tin a sweetcorn. Foolishly he chose the unbranded tin in the hope of getting an extra dessert. For those that didn’t have to rush off for a train, the evening the was nicely rounded off at the Museum Tavern. A local pub which we filled to the brim.

If you’ve never been to Burgoyne before, you need to do two things. Get hold of some “interesting socks”, and secondly notify the Lodge’s secretary (Bro. Darren Knight) of your intention to attend. His email address is available on the Facebook group!

The next meeting is Saturday 16th June, put it in your diaries and I’ll see you there.


Laurence Hobbs

Deputy Chairman


A huge congratulations from all of us at the Club, to all our members past and present receiving Metropolitan Grand honours this year!

Tomorrow, at Met’s AGM the following people will be invested:

Ian Currans (President) as Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master
Gus Machado (Deputy President) as Met. Grand Inspector
Kyle Alexander (Past Chairman) as Deputy Met. Grand Director of Ceremonies
Martin Humphrys (Past Chairman) as Met. Grand Mentor
Frixos Melas (Past Member) as Assistant Met. Grand Director of Ceremonies


And as Metropolitan Grand Stewards:

Stephen Christou (Past Member)
Dan Large (Past Member)
Mitchell Merrick-Thirlway (Past Chairman)
Matt Saunders (Current Member!)

Connaught Club does Dublin 2018

On the 12th January, 13 brethren arrived in Dublin. It should have been 14 but one missed the flight! And thus began the Connaught Club Ireland Trip 2018!

After gathering at a pub nearby to our hotel, Guinness and Ale being our choices to hydrate ourselves, we dressed in black tie and marched our dress shoes to visit the Grand Lodge of Ireland which wasn’t as hard to locate as we thought it may be.

If you haven’t been to visit the Grand Lodge of Ireland, it’s well worth the trip. The building is rather interesting. We were treated to an educating yet thrilling guided tour by Head Tyler Keith Stents. We witnessed the tricks in the red room for The Royal Arch Chapter, met the Duke of Connaught (well a portrait that is) in the temple of The Order of the Temple (KT) and their most picturesque temple for the Council of Knight Masons. An order that does not exist in our constitutions.

After the tour, we heard the ringing bell summoning us to the meeting. Therefore we speedily put on our regalia and jewels to attend the Occasional Meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the Ceremony of Consecration of Square & Compass Lodge No. 998

The Ceremony is unique and rare because 13 of us just witnessed a full grand lodge meeting, a consecration and the resumed meeting of GML ( Grand Master Lodge ). A 3 in 1 treats from the Dublin brethren. It was a bit of luck we were hungry because we were treated to a five-course festive board served in a room full of laughter and jovial conversations all washed down with a glass of whiskey. Capping the evening we made a circle and sang the Auld Lang Syne to foster our friendship with each other.

However, the night was not truly over, some of the younger brethren of Lodge No. 998 took us under their wing invited to us to the world famous Lillies bar, where we were assured is Bono’s drinking spot, which ended the evening with further drinking and conviviality.

Day 2 (Windy and rainy) 

With the memories of the night before still stuck in our heads, we headed off to see the city. A cycle tour had been organised that we managed to be late for – numerous brethren couldn’t get out of bed. Imagine riding a bike for three hours after our Friday drinks in a typical Irish drizzle. That’s how it felt. Our spirits were not dampened though and our tour guide Brian Griffin (no joke!) was excellent. We started near the Spire of Dublin, headed south of the river to see Trinity College, rode through some alleyways to see some street artwork/graffiti, changing course we went west to admire the beauty of St Patrick’s Cathedral, and then steered to the east to find a pub to warm/dry ourselves. Winding back, we travelled through the Silicon Docks completing the huge circular tour of the city of Dublin. All in all, thoroughly enjoyable.

Hopping off the bikes, we jumped on a conveniently located tram to head to the Guinness Storehouse. The museum is seven floors built in a shape of a pint glass. If you’re a Guinness fan, you’d probably love it all, but the highlight for many was learning how to pour the perfect pint with the shape of a clover in the head. We had a few more pints at the Gravity Bar accompanied with a 360-degree view of Dublin’s sunset.

We would tell you the rest of what happened that evening but we’re only able to decipher what happened by looking at the photos on our phones, and it’s probably wiser not to do so!

AGM 2018: Booking and Constitutional Amendments

Connaught Club Annual General Meeting 2018

This year our Annual General Meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 8th March 2018 at Freemasons’ Hall in Holborn. The AGM is a constitutional necessity for the Club, and as I step down from the position of Chairman (which I have been lucky enough to hold for two years) I look forward to electing a new Chairman and Committee who will continue carry on the administration of the Club. The AGM is also a chance for you, our members, to float ideas and provide feedback. Please do come along and support the Club as always.

Following the AGM we will be dining at the Nag’s Head, Covent Garden. The Club has subsidized dining, so the spectacular dinner will only cost £15.00! The menu is:

Cheeseburger – brioche bun, gem lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin, burger sauce, triple cooked chips and coleslaw; or

Hunters Chicken – bacon, BBQ sauce, melted Emmental cheese, triple cooked chips and coleslaw; or

Mushroom Pappardelle – kale pesto, cream sauce, sun-blushed tomato, baby spinach and Gran Moravia™ hard cheese

~   ~   ~

Hot Belgium Waffle – caramel sauce and ice cream; or

Chocolate Brownie – hot chocolate sauce and ice cream; or

Apple & Cinnamon Crumble – served with custard

Please complete the form below to book in now!

Prior to the AGM, we are obliged by the Constitutions to give you formal notice of our intention to propose and vote on a number of amendments to our Club’s Constitutions. Please CLICK HERE to see a letter explaining the amendments to the Constitutions and the proposed amendments.

All members are encouraged to attend the AGM to comment on and cast their vote on the proposed amendments to the Constitutions. and we hope as many of you as possible will take up this invitation.

Many thanks

Lewis Clement
Connaught Club Chairman